TYY 2-Zone Conventional Fire Alarm Panel

Prevent sending false alarms through TYY YF-3 2 Zone Fire Alarm Control Panel complete with a two-stage alarm delay function. The first signal that is sent will be reset and the panel will enter 8 seconds standby. At the second stage, if another signal is detected within 9 to 40 seconds, the panel will finally alert the fire alarms.

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It uses a two-stage alarm delay function to prevent sending false fire alarms. Its LED indicators identify fire, circuit break, and short circuit conditions.


Integrated circuit indicators

Each circuit has LED indicators for fire, circuit break, and short circuit.

Stand-by Battery Protection System

The system also monitors built-in battery overcharging to ensure the panel functions well before and during disaster.

Voltage source error detection

Whenever a voltage error is detected by the system, an alarm will alert and Changer Fault indicator will light to point out the problem.

Additional information

Weight 4 kg
Dimensions 30 × 40 cm