Filing Cabinets and Shelves to Keep Your Work Essentials in Place

Streamline your workspace with Kano’s shelves and cabinets. The simple yet functional designs maximize storage capacity without taking up too much space in your workspace.

Configurable Modular Designs

The modular designs of Kano’s shelves and cabinets offer a flexibility and functionality. These products are easy to modify according to your workspace layout, allowing you to customize them depending on your needs. As a result, they help you maximize the available space in your office and declutter your workspace for a more professional and organized look.

Ideal for Storage and Display

The Kano shelves and cabinets are made from high-quality materials and lock mechanism to provide additional security for your important files and supplies. With enough room for all of your essentials, these cabinets are also stylish and versatile, allowing you to display awards, certificates, or other decorative items on the shelves.

Easily Access Your Files

The various designs and styles of Kano’s shelves and cabinets make them ideal for storing everything from small office supplies to larger documents and files. These storage solutions are highly mobile and accessible, with wheels that allow you to move them quickly from one location to another.

Keep Your Workplace Clean and Organized

Choose from Kano’s different storage solutions to organize your office space and keep it tidy.

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