Access Control Devices

Control entry and exit using card readers, keypads, and fingerprints to track employee movements and restrict access to certain areas of your company.

Simplified Management

It allows you to capture employee attendance, enhances entrance security, and tracks all logs from one remote location. It allows for a more streamlined process and easier oversight of all entryway activity.

Avoid the Hassle of Using Traditional Keys

You don’t have to worry about someone copying your key and entering your property or office without permission. Having an access control system in place ensures that only authorized individuals will be able to enter.

Advanced Verification

From intelligent locks, to RFID, fingerprint, palm, and facial recognition, these devices can scan identification using the latest technologies. Avoid spoofing and tampering with 99.99% accurate verification.

Keep Your Premises Secure

Choose from our wide range of entrance security systems to find the perfect fit for your business. From turnstiles and flap barriers to access control devices, we have the products you need to create a secure environment.

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