ZKTeco iClock700 Time & Attendance Device

iClock700 is a biometric device for time and attendance that features the new fingerprint verification technology which identifies users in less than a second. It also has a 3.5-inch screen that displays all the necessary information from date and time to work code, user ID name, fingerprint, and password setting interface.

  • Fingerprint Capacity: 8,000 Templates
  • Record Capacity: 200,000 Transactions
  • FREE 1 year Standard Edition of Bio-Office Time and Attendance Software.

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The iClock700 is an efficient time and attendance terminal complete with User Management, Bell Schedule, and Shortcut Key functions. It supports either built-in or external Wi-Fi module to enable wireless data transfer. You can also set the device with different camera modes to capture and save photos during fingerprint verification process.


Remarkable User Experience

  • Display Employee Image.
  • High verification speed.
  • Highly intuitive design with easy to navigate User Interface.
  • Interface operation adopts modularized hierarchical design.


Enhanced Capabilities and Performance

  • Multi-language Support.
  • Data backup and retrieval.
  • Advanced User ID consisting of letters and numbers.
  • Chip encryption for firmware protection.
  • Dual Communication Port: Built-in USB slot & TCP/IP (Transmission Control Protocol/Internet Protocol).

Additional information

Weight 1.94 kg


Display: 3.5-inch Screen
Communication: TCP/IP, RS232/485, USB (host & Client)
Standard Functions: Work code, SMS, DST, Webserver, Scheduled-bell, Self-Service Query, Automatic Status Switch, T9 input, and photo-ID , Anti-passback, Camera, Built-in Battery , Multiple Verify Mode
Optional Functions: ID/Mifare/HID, Webserver and Wi-Fi, 3G and GPRS
Software: Bio-Office Time and Attendance Software Standard Edition
Power Supply: DC 12V 3A
Verification Speed: ≤ 1 sec
Operating Temperature: 0°C- 45°C
Operating Humidity: 20%-80%
Dimensions: 225.2×166.0×46.3mm (Length×Width×Thickness)
Gross Weight: 1.94 kg