Voice Evacuation System

Voice Evacuation Systems are critical to distribute important messages across large areas. Provide clear and precise instructions to everyone inside a facility during emergencies or drills. Choose from our wide range of power amplifiers for your paging needs.

Controlled Evacuation

Very helpful for phased evacuation in high-rise buildings with large occupancies. Voice Evacuation Systems can broadcast pre-recorded messages and live announcements to selected zones, gradually evacuating those in most danger first.

Comply With Building Code Regulations

Most building codes require emergency voice evacuation systems. They help ensure the safety of occupants and minimize property damage in case of fire or other emergencies.

Wide Area Coverage

Voice Evacuation Systems can cover a large areas with several speakers connected to the same amplifier. They are ideal for large factories, warehouses, and other facilities often use them.

Self-Diagnose Faults

Invest in our reliable Voice Evacuation Systems that have the capability to automatically detect malfunctions, and diagnose faults in the operations. This would reduce the possibility of failure to operate in case of emergencies, as well as prevent false broadcasts.

Robust Against Fires & Fluctuating Currents

These Voice Evacuation Systems were built to be highly robust during fires, and can withstand overheating, and self protect against overcurrent, over voltage, overload and other faults.

Keep Your Employees Out of Harm’s Way

Choose from various options and ensure everyone in your building can hear and understand evacuation instructions during an emergency.

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