Honeywell X-NRI/EN Network Resource Interface

The X-NRI/EN Network Resource Interface is the universal interface for Honeywell’s X-618 PAVA system. It offers central interfaces management, making it ideal for middle-to-large applications. It provides external control access, audio extension and main power protection. It also incorporates 32 dry contact inputs for fire alarm integration.

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Honeywell’s X-NRI/EN Network Resource Interface applies the main power supply and a 24 VDC backup power supply. By default, the device is running on the main power. When the main power is disabled, it automatically relays to a backup power supply. As the main power resumes normal, the power supply switches back to the main power.

The X-NRI/EN has main power protection. When an internal short circuit or other forms of malfunction happens, the main power supply will be cut off to protect the device. By self-detection, it can detect faults in the main/backup power supply, system malfunction, and communication faults. Whenever there is a fault, the indicator turns yellow and the siren goes off to warn the operators, while the fault status is logged.

X-NRI/EN has 4 RCA terminals for external audio source input. External audio sources can be connected to XNRI/EN directly such as CDs or DVDs. Through XSMART software, the voice alarm zones of each XDCS2000/EN can be pre-configured and overridden by the BGM broadcast using the recorded emergency voice message. It can also deliver different evacuation messages which were pre-set in each adjacent zone.


  • 4 AUX balanced audio input for digitalization of the external analog audio source and routing to the network
  • With built-in 512MB Flash memory and 4G SD card as an internal audio source 
  • 4 Ethernet interfaces allow communication of multiple X-DCS2000/EN
  • 32 x dry contact control inputs with supervision and input faults can be monitored
  • 2 x RS-485 communication terminals for integration with Fire Panel via protocol

Additional information

Weight 7.3 kg
Dimensions 48.2 × 8.8 × 42 cm


Main power supply -100 – 240 V, 50/60 Hz
Backup power supply DC 215V 28 5 V
Main power fuse T2 AL 250 V
Rated power 15 W
Auxiliary input
Input channels 4
Input signal V 0 dBV
Input impedance 20 kQ
Frequency response 60 Hz 16 kHz
S/N > 85 dB
Balanced Input
Input channels 4
Input signal 14 mV (-37 dBV) /1 V(odBV)
Input impedance 20 kQ
Phantom power supply DC 24 V
Frequency response 60 Hz-16 kHz
S/N > 65 dB
Control Terminal
Trigger inputs 32 inputs (can be monitored)