Basic Public Address

A cost-effective solution for small and medium-sized areas that require clear voice announcements and background music. Deliver quality sound whether indoor or outdoor, by installing a basic public address system.

Deliver Voice Announcements with Clarity

Public address systems can be helpful when delivering a message especially to a crowd in noisy, highly dense environments. Amplify your emergency broadcast with speakers that can be activated without delay using pre-recorded evacuation messages.

Compact Design for Indoor or Outdoor

Designed with low-profile appearance, these PAVA systems are engineered to be compact and can be mounted in-ceiling with, or without back dome. They can seamlessly blend and be incorporated into indoor or outdoor applications.

Robust and Compliant

Made of fire-resistant ABS material, these paging systems have metal enclosures which prevents damage from fires, and serves as a protection for its internal components. Despite being lightweight, they are highly robust with CE certification and compliant with RoHS standards.

Communicate With Ease

Choose from various microphone options, mixers, and amplifiers to create a custom PA system that meets your specific needs.

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