Achieve Good Posture with Furniture Accessories

Sit in an optimal position and keep your posture in check. Curble chairs form an ergonomic shape of the human body, so your back doesn’t slouch while sitting. This portable, lightweight back support can be used anywhere—at home or work.

Optimum Angle to Raise Your Waist Upright

Curble chairs are raised by 35 degrees to allow the body to lean forward, which is the ideal position while sitting naturally. This angle helps keep your waist aligned and upright, which promotes good posture and supports better overall health and well-being.

Improves Sitting Posture

Curble has a supportive cushion that helps improve your sitting posture by leveraging the natural force of your body’s weight to support your spine and joints properly. It reduces stress on your spine and joints by up to 30% and helps you develop good posture while sitting, during your daily activities.

Dispersed Spinal Pressure

Curble Chair uses curved seating to keep your hip and pelvis aligned. It naturally brings the hip together, dispersing pressure across your back, encouraging proper posture, and allowing you to sit comfortably longer.

Waist and Coccyx Support

The ergonomic cushion in Curble chairs lifts the coccyx naturally to reduce pressure on the spine and correct the core muscles in your body. It promotes healthy, pain-free sitting, ideal for those with back or hip pain, poor posture, or other conditions aggravated by prolonged sitting.

Get Relief from Prolonged Sitting

Select from our collection of Curble chairs to find the perfect one for you.

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