CCTV Cameras

All year-round monitoring using the latest technologies. These CCTV Cameras detect and deter suspicious activities to safeguard your premises, and conduct no-contact temperature screening to mitigate the spread of viruses.

High Definition CCTV Footage

Identify suspicious activities and deter criminal acts that may take place on your premises. CCTV cameras provide business owners the ability to capture clear, high-quality footage even in low light areas, which can be useful to gather evidence in solving crimes or illegal operations.

Indoor & Outdoor Security

A great way to keep an eye on your business. Monitor activities by having sets of cameras watching the entrances, exits and the main areas. Feel at ease knowing your property is safe with surveillance systems that can keep track of employees, customers, and other visitors coming and going.

Temperature Screening

Practice workplace safety and prevent the spread of viruses. Equipped with high sensitivity sensors, our network and bullet type thermal cameras can accurately measure a person’s temperature. Ideal for high traffic areas, the CCTV cameras’ powerful thermal imaging can detect multiple body temperatures at once in real-time.

Keeping an Eye on Your Safety

Top-notch CCTV cameras to monitor your home, business, or outdoor areas without compromise.

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