Honeywell HMC-2000 Intevio Call Station

HMC-2000 is the call station for the INTEVIO system which allows users to deliver live paging, trigger background music, and serve broadcast or emergency broadcasts to the selected speaker groups. It can also be used for volume control, temporary recording, and audio monitoring.

This Honeywell Remote Call Station has 8 functional buttons and 8 free configurable buttons. Up to 6 call stations can be connected together in the system. With one line input, HMC-2000 allows users to connect the external audio source such as CD, DVD, or tuner, and broadcast it without configuration.

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Its functional buttons are used for regular functions such as all calls, zone close, audio monitoring, temporary recording, recording playback, line input selection, and microphone switch. The configurable buttons can be programmed as speaker group selection, broadcast task selection, or volume control. The operation mode of the buttons can be configured as press or toggle. More buttons can be added by connecting extension keypads X-K4 and X-K8.

Moreover, Honeywell’s HMC-2000 Remote Call Station has built-in monitoring speakers to monitor the audio source in channel 1 and channel 2, which helps prevent mistaken broadcasting and increase operational efficiency. It also enables users to record temporary messages and broadcast them immediately without configuration. The HMC-2000 can detect the fault of the gooseneck microphone and communication line. It has 4 LED indicators to show different statuses of the unit: power supply, general fault, network fault, and busy audio channel. 


  • Simple and easy to use plug-and-play default settings
  • Provides easy access to status updates, amplifier backup, logging, and direct paging capabilities
  • Intuitive set-up with step-by-step guided interaction between buttons and screens
  • Auto configures when components are physically connected
  • 8 free configurable buttons, expandable with keypad X-K4/X-K8
  • Can achieve all calls by configurable keys
  • With a built-in loudspeaker for audio monitoring
  • Supports temporary record and playback
  • With 1 line input to connect with an external audio source
  • Complies with international standards

Additional information

Weight 13.2 kg
Dimensions 48.2 × 8.8 × 40.7 cm


Parameters Values
Power Supply Voltage Dc 24v
Rated Power 10w
Mic Input
Input Sensitivity 5mv
Input Impedance 6002
Frequency Response 100hz-10khz
Snr >77db,aweighted
Thd <0.5%
Optimal Pickup Distance 10-20cm
Line Input
Input Signal 1v(odbv)
Input Impedance 10 K92
Frequency Response 50hz-18khz
Snr >90db,aweighted
Monitoring Loudspeaker 2w/892
Operating Conditions
Humidity 95% Without Condensing
Operating Temperature -10°c-+55°c(14°f To +131°f)
Storage Temperature -40°c-+70°c(-40°f To +158°f)
Weights And Dimensions
Product Dimension (w*h*d) Mm
Package Dimension (w*h*d) 403 133 268mm
Net Weight 1.4kg
Gross Weight 2.5kg