Don't Be Left in the Dark: Power Stations and Generators for Your Home and Office

Power up your home and office and ensure continuity of operations during power outages with our comprehensive range of power stations and generators.


Suitable for home offices, small and medium businesses, healthcare facilities, government facilities, and educational institutions. Power stations are silent and portable, so you can use them wherever you need power. It’s rechargeable at any 220V wall socket, your vehicle lighter port, or even through solar panels.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is the difference between a Power Station and a Generator?

A portable generator is a machine that turns different types of energy, such as gasoline, diesel, or solar energy, into electrical energy. Power stations are rechargeable battery-driven sources that can power your home or campsite.

How does a Power Station work?

A power station is a machine that uses either batteries or a fuel-powered engine to generate electricity. The engine powers a generator that produces electricity. The electricity is then stored in batteries until it is needed.

How does a Generator work?

An electric generator works by turning mechanical energy into electrical energy. It's done by using the principle of electromagnetic induction- creating an electric current by moving a wire next to a magnet.

How do I choose a Power Station?

The best way to choose a power station is to determine your needs first. Consider the size of your home, the type of appliances you need to power, and the length of time you need to be able to power them. Contact our team of experts to help you choose the best power station for your needs.