Honeywell 709-701-001 Passive Repeater

The Honeywell Passive Repeater is a compact remote control unit for Morley IAS intelligent multiprotocol fire alarm control panels. It displays the operational state of the control panel using the 80 character LCD display and the 7 LED status indicators. It does not need supervision and in cases of communication loss with the fire alarm control panel, it will be indicated on the passive repeater.

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Remote control for Morley IAS fire alarm. It uses LCD and LED status indicators to show the operational state of the control panel.


  • Compatible with all Morley-IAS intelligent multiprotocol fire alarm control panels
  • Connects to RS485 peripheral bus
  • Backlit adjustable alphanumeric display
  • General status LEDs
  • Controls for system reset, accept, mute, and silence alarms

Technical Specifications

Dimensions [MM] (H X W X D): 165 x 254 x 50
Weight: 1.7kg (approx)
Operating Temperature: +5°C to +45°C
Relative Humidity: 5% – 95% non-condensing
Operating voltage: 18 to 32 Vdc
Operating current: 90mA (Quiescent) 120m (Alarm)
Terminals: Maximum cross section 2.5mm2
LED Indicators: Fire, Fault, Disables, Accepted, Silenced, Power, Communications, Loss