TYY YF-1 Fire Alarm Control Panel

Prevent sending false alarms through TYY YF-1 Fire Alarm Control Panel complete with a two-stage alarm delay function. The first signal that is sent will reset the signal and the panel will enter 8 seconds standby. At the second stage, if another signal is detected within 9 to 40 seconds, the panel will finally alert the fire alarms.

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Identify general zones of fire threat and experience world-class fire protection with TYY’s conventional fire alarm system. From manual call point to control panel, each TYY device offers efficient fire detection and alarm solution across defined areas best suited for smaller properties and businesses.


Stand-by Battery Protection System

During power outages, the built-in battery will automatically stop discharging to extend battery life.

Quality Control

The control panel switches and all the base board components of this unit are all certified by CNS and CE.

User-friendly Design

All circuit boards use a modular design. The external lines are also separated from the terminal circuit board with protections implemented on the input end. If a faulty power supply is connected to the circuit board caused fault, only the affected circuit board needs to be removed without disconnecting the external lines improving maintenance and inspection efficiency.

Exterior Design

This unit’s circuit display uses high-end heat-resistant plastic. With the circuits designed with indication plates, it makes all information regarding the buildings, floors, and circuit properties clear at a glance.

Other Application

This Central Control can be integrated with other safety and security systems to create a comprehensive system for efficient evacuation assistance during fire emergencies.


Model Number  YF-1
Power Supply(AC) AC 220V 50 / 60Hz
Backup Power Supply  DC 24V
 Charging Voltage and Current  Under DC26V 450mA , fixed voltage trickle charging
Circuit External Impedance  Circuit impedance 50Ω or less, impedance to ground  2MΩ or more
Detector Installation  No limitation for the number of Conventional Rate of Rise Heat Detectors / Fixed Temperature Heat Detectors.

 A maximum of 30 smoke detectors (DC24V 40μA) can be connected to a loop.

E.O.L Resistor  10KΩ
Number of Indicating Lamp  1.2 times of the panel loop (LED indicator light)
Number of Fire Alarm Bell  1.2 times of the panel loop
Cabinet Material  Steel plate with powder coating
Main Sounder  Monotone buzzer (over 85dB at 1 meter away)
Alarm Relay Contact  Non-voltage NO contact capacity AC250V 7A × 2 sets
Panel Color  Red / Green
Switch Mode  Push-button