Honeywell Morley Lite HML/100/2A 2 Zone Addressable Fire Alarm Control Panel

Honeywell Morley Lite is a Compact, High Performance, Feature enriched Fire Alarm Control Panel designed to meet the Fire Detection Addressability. Honeywell Morley-Lite Fire Detection Control Panel series is ideally suited for Small to Medium Sized Buildings, Residential Complexes, Banks, Healthcare, Restaurants, Retail Stores etc

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  • 16 X 4 LCD display, aesthetically designed front facia
  • Up to 1,000 m. Typical 20 detector per Class B Circui t + 5 MCPs
  • Individual Class B Circuit Isolation
  • Pin point address location of sensors with customizable text inserts
  • Programmable input for remote reset/evacuate/alert/fire
  • Lamp Test Facility
  • Detectors/MCPs in same circuit
  • Date/Time/Password configuration
  • Separate configuration/user memories/system fault, sound/ resound feature like EN 54-4 standard
  • Fire, Fault, Configurable Relay
  • Circuit wise NAC configuration
  • NAC Enable/Disable facility
  • Monitored NAC and Class B Circuit for Open/Short/Faults
  • PC tool for advanced configuration needs/Event exploring
  • One Man walk test facility
  • Certified for Safety standard IEC 62368-1:2018
  • Staged Delay configuration for alarm verification
  • Engineering Mute Configuration
  • Battery Charging/Battery Internal Resistance Monitoring
  • On board memory lock switch to prevent unauthorized panel configuration changes.
  • Configurable delays to output, with timer to fire indication
  • Latching/Non-Latching configuration for fault for easy debugging


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Weight 5 kg