Kidde VS4-R-2 FACP Four loop system

Key Features:

  • Auto-programming speeds installation time
  • Supports V-Series intelligent modules and detectors
  • Form C contacts for alarm and trouble, Form A for supervisory
  • Electronic addressing with automatic device mapping
  • Optional Ethernet port (SA-ETH) for central station monitoring service, programming, diagnostics and a variety of system reports
  • Two programmable switches with LEDs and custom labeling
  • Supports Genesis horn silence over two wires, and UL 1971-compliant strobe synchronization
  • Supports GSA-REL releasing module for fire suppression
  • Class B or Class A wiring
  • Ground fault detection by module
  • Optional multi-protocol Field Server Bridge for interface to 3rd party Building Management Systems
  • Supports up to eight serial annunciators, (LCD, LED-only, and graphic interface)
  • Can use existing wiring for most retrofit applications
  • Upload/download remotely or locally
  • Optional USB module for local printing or programming using the configuration utility on a technician’s laptop
  • Two-level maintenance alert reporting
  • Pre-alarm and alarm verification by point
  • Adjustable detector sensitivity
  • 4 x 20 character backlit LCD display
  • Optional earthquake hardening: seismic Importance Factor 1.5
  • Standalone operation
  • Transmission test frequency by hour
  • Alarm ON command manually activates alarm condition

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Kidde’s VS4-R-2 FACP Four-Loop System provides one Class A or Class B intelligent device loop that supports up to 250 device addresses. Loop controller modules may be added in combination to expand total system capacity in 250-point increments to up to 1,000 device addresses.

The VS4-R-2 FACP panels include four NACs that may be wired for either Class A or Class B operation.

VS4-R-2 supports a wide range of high-end features, including:

  • Intelligent modules, detectors, and bases
  • GSA-REL Releasing Modules
  • R-Series remote annunciators
  • Integrated Carbon Monoxide gas sensing with KI-OSCD detectors including distinct audible signaling


Kidde’s VS4-R-2 FACP Four Loup System is a powerful, intelligent solution for small to mid-sized buildings. Advanced intelligent technology delivers the benefits of flexible system installation, while clean and easy-to-operate user interfaces make panel operation and system maintenance quick and intuitive.

The Smart Choice

The VS4-R-2’s electronic addressing eliminates the tedium of setting dipswitches, and automatic device mapping ensures that each device resides on the system at its correct location. Meanwhile, innovative programming allows the designer to customize the system to precisely suit the needs of the building owner.

Reliability You Can Count On

The inherent fault-tolerant characteristics of Analog/Addressable Technology boosts the reliability of Kidde VS4-R-2. When combined with VS Series smoke and heat detectors, these systems deliver a level of dependability not previously available to small to mid-sized applications. All Kidde systems are built to exacting reliability benchmarks and meet international standards for quality, in addition to agency listings for dependability.

Clear-cut Remote Annunciation

Remote annunciation is a strong suit of the VS4-R-2 FACP Four Loop System. Up to eight annunciators can be installed on a single system. Compatible annunciators include a range of LED and LCD models that provide zone or point annunciation, as well as common control capabilities. VS4-R-2 control panels also supports graphic annunciation with optional graphic annunciator interface modules. Each interface provides common control and 32 LEDs.

Signals with a Difference

Kidde’s VS4-R-2 NACs are configurable to fully support the advanced signaling technology of Kidde Genesis and Enhanced Integrity notification appliances. These devices offer precision synchronization of strobes to UL 1971 standards. For Genesis devices, enabling this feature allows horns to be silenced while strobes on the same two-wire circuit continue to flash until the panel is reset.

Flexibility Built Right In

Two fully-programmable front panel switch/LED combinations provide an added measure of flexibility. Their slide-in labels take the mystery out of custom applications, and present a clean finished appearance.

Perfect for Retrofits

The VS4-R-2 control panels are particularly well-suited to retrofit applications. All connections are made over standard wiring – no shielded cable required. This means that in most situations, existing wiring can be used to upgrade a legacy control panel to VS technology without the expense or disruption of rewiring the entire building. The VS4-R-2 control panel also supports the ingenious RZI16-2 zone module, which adds up to 16 conventional circuits and two NACs. This combination easily accommodates new intelligent detection alongside existing conventional circuits, making it a superior solution.

Scalable IP and Cellular Communications

The panel supports IP connectivity using the SA-ETH option card for monitoring services by a supervising station to meet NFPA 72 Chapter 26. The Ethernet card uses the FIBRO protocol to communicate with Sur-Gard System receivers. Several popular third-party IP/Cellular communicators have been tested with the VS4-R-2 control panel and are compatibility listed to UL864. The IP/Cellular communicators meet NFPA72 2013 edition requirements for sole or secondary transmission paths. Using IP/Cellular communicators can reduce the cost of ownership by eliminating POTS lines.

A Complete Line of Accessories

VS4-R-2 life safety systems are supported by a complete line of analog/addressable detectors, modules and related equipment.

Programming and Remote Diagnostics

Kidde’s VS4-R-2 FACP life safety systems are simple to set up yet offer advanced programming features that put these small building panels into a class of their own. The auto programming feature quickly gets the panel operational using factory default settings. Basic zone and point settings can be programmed through the front panel interface, so the system is up and running in no time.

For more advanced system configuration and correlation groups programming, the VS4-R-2 Series systems interface to a PC running compatible VS-CU software. This option offers full system configuration in the familiar Windows® operating environment. Connection is made to a laptop through the panel’s optional RS-232 communications port, which can also be used to connect a system printer.

Among the many innovative features of VS4-R-2 FACP control panels is the optional network card. This module provides a standard 10/100 Base T Ethernet® network connection that permits access to the control panel from any remote location with the correct communications protocols. The connection can be used to download to the panel from the VS-CU, or upload and view system reports using the VS-CU.

Available system reports include: Correlation Groups, Device Details, Device Maintenance, History, Internal status, System Configuration, System Status, Walk Test, Dialer, and CO Runtime.

Wiring & Configuration

Device Loop

The system provides one device loop circuit with a total capacity of 125 detectors and 125 module addresses. The loop circuit is supervised for opens, shorts, and grounds.

Notification Appliance Circuits (TB2)

VS4-R-2 control panels come equipped with four notification appliance circuits. Each circuit can be individually configured for continuous, temporal, synchronized, and coded output.

Auxiliary & Smoke Power Outputs (TB3)

The control panel provides two auxiliary power outputs that can be used for powering ancillary equipment such as remote annunciators and two wire smoke detectors. Aux 2 can be software selected to operate continuously. The circuit is supervised for shorts and grounds.

Alarm, Trouble, and Supervisory Relay (TB3)

The trouble relay is normally open, held closed, and opens on any trouble event or when the panel is de-energized. The supervisory relay is normally open and closes on any supervisory event. The alarm relay changes over on any alarm event.

Annunciator Loop (TB4)

The control panel provides a connection for up to eight serially driven and supervised remote annunciators.

Option Cards

Kidde VS4-R-2 panels are supported by a complete line of modules and related equipment that enhance performance and extend system capabilities. Option cards plug directly into the control panel main circuit board or are connected to it with a ribbon cable. After installation, terminals remain accessible. The cabinet provides ample room for wire routing, keeping wiring neat at all times.

Single and Dual Loop Controller Cards

The V-SLC2-1 is a single loop controller card that can be used with the VS1 as a replacement for the standard 64-point loop, or with the VS4 as a 250-point expansion module.

The V-SLC2-2 is a 500-point dual loop controller card for the VS4 that provides two IDC circuits, each with 125 detector addresses and 125 module addresses.

SA-ETH Ethernet Interface Card/IP Communicator

The SA-ETH card provides a standard 10/100 Base T Ethernet network connection for connecting to an intranet, a local network, or the Internet. The card supports IP connectivity for monitoring services by a supervising station to meet NFPA 72 Chapter 26. The Ethernet card uses the FIBRO protocol to communicate with Sur-Gard System receivers. The card can be used to download configuration programming from the VS-CU to the panel. The Ethernet card is installed on the plastic assembly and connects to the main circuit board via a ribbon cable.

SA-DACT Dialer

The SA-DACT provides communications between the control panel and the central station over a telephone line system. It transmits system status changes (events) to a compatible digital alarm communicator receiver over the public switched telephone network. The dialer is capable of single, dual, or split reporting of events to two different account and telephone numbers. The modem feature of the SA-DACT can also be used for uploading and downloading panel configuration, history, and current status to a PC running the VS-CU.

The SA-DACT queues messages and transmits them based on priority (alarm, supervisory, trouble, and monitor). Activations are transmitted before restorations.

The SA-DACT is installed on the plastic assembly and connects to the main circuit board via a ribbon cable.

The SA-USB Interface Card

The SA-USB Interface Card provides a USB connection to a supported printer or a connection to a PC. The card can be used for connecting a printer to the control panel to print system events. The card can also be used for uploading and downloading panel configuration, history, and current status to a PC running the configuration utility (CU).

SA-232 RS-232 Interface

The SA-232 card provides an RS-232 interface with VS4 panels. It can be used for connecting a printer to the control panel to print system events. The card also can be used for connecting a computer to download a configuration program from the VS-CU to the control panel. The RS-232 card is installed on the plastic assembly and connects to the main circuit board via a ribbon cable.

D16L-VS LED Display Expander (VS4 only)

The D16L-VS LED Display Expanders provide LED annunciation for up to 16 zones. It provides two LEDs for each zone. Two D16L-VS LED display expanders can be installed in each VS4 panel.

Technical Specifications

Device loops One Class B or Aloop, supporting 125 detectors and 125 modules. Expandable to four loops
Communication line voltage Maximum 20 V peak-to-peak
Circuit current 0.5 A max
Circuit impedance 66Ω total, 0.5 µF, max
Isolators 64 maximum
Base panel current standby 172 mA
Base panel current alarm 267 mA
Input zones 32 max
Operating voltage 24 VDC panel
Remote annunciator 8 drops max., RS-485 Class A or B Data line length: 4,000 ft. (1,219 m)