Kidde GSA-WTM Combination Waterflow / Tamper Module

Key Features:

  • Monitor and waterflow / tamper applications
    Includes alarm with delayed latching (retard) for waterflow applications, Supervisory, and Monitor.
  • Non-volatile memory
    Permanently stores serial number, type of device, and job number. Automatically updates historic information including hours of operation, last maintenance date, number of alarms and troubles, and time and date of last alarm.
  • Automatic device mapping
    Each module transmits wiring information to the loop controller regarding its location with respect to other devices on the circuit.
  • Electronic addressing
    Permanently stores programmable address; there are no switches or dials to set. Addresses are downloaded from a PC, or the SIGA-PRO Signature Program/Service Tool.
  • Intelligent module c/w Integral Microprocessor 
    All decisions are made at the module allowing lower communication speed while substantially improving control panel response time. Less sensitive to line noise and circuit wiring properties; twisted or shielded wire is not required.
  • Ground fault detection by address
    Detects ground faults right down to the device level.
  • Designed for high ambient temperature operation
    Install in ambient temperatures up to 120o F (49o C).

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The GSA-WTM Waterflow/Tamper Module is part of Vigilant’s Signature Series system. It is an intelligent analog addressable device used to connect one or two Class B normally-open Alarm, Supervisory, or Monitor type dry contact Initiating Device Circuits (IDC). The function of the GSA-WTM is determined by the factory loaded “personality code”.

The input modules gather analog information from the initiating devices connected to them and convert it into digital signals. The module’s on-board microprocessor analyzes the signal and decides when it should input an alarm.

The microprocessor in each module provides four additional benefits – Self-diagnostics and History Log, Automatic Device Mapping, Stand-alone Operation and Fast, Stable Communication.


The duty performed by the GSA-WTM is determined by their factory assigned sub-type code or “Personality Code”.

GSA-WTM NORMALLY-OPEN ALARM – DELAYED LATCHING (Factory set Personality Code 2) – Assigned to one circuit. Configures circuit 1 for Class B normally-open Waterflow Alarm Switches. An ALARM signal is sent to the loop controller when the input contact is closed for approximately 16 seconds. The alarm condition is latched at the module.

GSA-WTM NORMALLY-OPEN ACTIVE – LATCHING (Factory set Personality Code 4) – Assigned to one circuit. Configures circuit 2 for Class B normally open dry contact Supervisory and Tamper Switches. An ACTIVE signal is sent to the loop controller when the input contact is closed. The active condition is latched at the module.

Warnings & Cautions
This module will not operate without electrical power. As fires frequently cause power interruption, we suggest you discuss further safeguards with your local fire protection specialist.

These modules are part of Vigilant’s Signature Series intelligent processing and control platform. They are compatible with VM, and VS Series control panels

Testing & Maintenance
The module’s automatic self-diagnosis identifies when it is defective and causes a trouble message. The user-friendly maintenance program shows the current state of each module and other pertinent messages. Single modules may be turned off (de-activated) temporarily, from the control panel. Scheduled maintenance (Regular or Selected) for proper system operation should be planned.

The GSA-WTM module mounts to North American 2-1/2 inch (64 mm) deep one-gang boxes and 1-1/2 inch (38 mm) deep 4-inch square boxes with one-gang covers and GSA-MP mounting plates. The terminals are suited for #12 to #18 AWG (2.5 mm2 to 0.75 mm2) wire size.


Edwards recommends that this module be installed according to latest recognized edition of national and local fire alarm codes.

Electronic Addressing – The loop controller electronically addresses each module, saving valuable time during system commissioning. Setting complicated switches or dials is not required. Each module has its own unique serial number stored in its on-board memory. The loop controller identifies each device on the loop and assigns a “soft” address to each serial number. If desired, the modules can be addressed using the SIGA-PRO Signature Program/Service Tool.

Personality codes are assigned by the factory. No user configuration is required for these modules.


Typical Wiring
The module will accept #18 AWG (0.75mm2), #16 (1.0mm2), #14 AWG (1.50mm2), #12 AWG (2.50mm2) wire sizes. Note: Sizes #16 AWG (1.0mm2) and #18 AWG (0.75mm2) are preferred for ease of installation. See Signature Loop Controller catalog sheet for detailed wiring requirement specifications.


  • Maximum 25 ohms resistance per wire.
  • Maximum #12 AWG (2.5mm2) wire. Min. #18 (0.75mm2)
  • Refer to Signature Loop Controller Installation Sheet for wiring specifications. Maximum 10 Vdc @ 350µA.
  • All wiring power limited and supervised.
  • This module will NOT support 2-wire smoke detectors.

Technical Specifications

Description Waterflow/Tamper Module
Type Code 49 (factory set personality code 2,4)
Address Requirements Uses Two Module Addresses
Operating Current Standby = 396µA; Activated = 680µA
Operating Voltage 15.2 to 19.95 Vdc (19 Vdc nominal)
Construction & Finish High Impact Engineering Polymer one-gang front plate – White
Storage and Operating Environment Operating Temperature: 32ºF to 120ºF (0ºC to 49ºC) Storage Temperature: -4ºF to 140ºF (-20ºC to 60ºC) Humidity: 0 to 93% RH
LED Operation On-board Green LED – Flashes when polled On-board Red LED – Flashes when in alarm/active Both LEDs – Glow steady when in alarm (stand-alone)
Compatibility Agency Listings Use With Signature Loop Controller UL, ULC, CSFM, MEA
Mounting North American 2-1/2 inch (64 mm) deep one-gang boxes and 1-1/2 inch (38 mm) deep 4 inch square boxes with one-gang covers and GSA-MP mounting plates
Weight .40 lbs
Color White
Condition New