Kidde K-270A-SPO Fire Alarm Manual Station

Key Features:

  • Pull lever
  • Simple positive operation
  • Break glass
  • Attractive, streamline design
  • Less than 5 lb. pull force complies with ADA
  • Solid, die-cast metal construction

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The Kidde K-270A-SPO Fire Alarm Manual Station is sturdy, attractive, and designed for economical installation.  The device provides a single action, break glass initi­ating station. It is available with normally open (N.O.), normally closed (N.C.) or combination N.O./N.C. contacts. The K-270A Series Manual Stations have 6-inch (150mm) wire leads.

All non-coded stations are designed for either flush or surface mounting. For flush mounting a 4-inch standard North American square box with single gang plaster cover should be used. For surface mounting the K-270-SPO, use a cast box, steel box, or housing for weatherproof enclosure.


Technical Specifications

Single Pole Yes
Double Pole No
Open Circuit Yes
Screw Terminals No
Wire Leads Yes
Pre Signal No