Kidde GSA-CC1 Single Input (Riser) Module

Key Features:

  • Single and Dual input (riser) select Used for connecting supervised 24 Vdc Audible/Visible signal circuits, or 25 and 70 VRMS Audio Evacuation and Telephone circuits to their power inputs.
  • Ring-tone generator When configured for telephone circuits, the GSA-CC1 gener­ates its own ring-tone signal.
  • Plug-in (UIO) or standard 2-gang mount UIO versions are ideal for multiple modules while the 2-gang mount version is for remote locations with a single module.
  • Automatic device mapping Signature modules transmit information to the loop controller regarding their circuit locations.
  • Electronic addressing Programmable addresses are downloaded from the loop con­troller, a PC, or the SIGA-PRO Signature Program/Service Tool.
  • Intelligent device with microprocessor allows lower com­munication speed with substantially improved control panel response time and less sensitivity to line noise and loop wiring properties.
  • Ground fault detection by address Detects ground faults right down to the device level

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GSA-CC1 Single Input (Riser) Module is part of Kidde’s Signature Series system. It is an intelligent analog addressable device used for connecting, upon command from the loop controller, supervised Class B signal or telephone circuits to their respective power inputs. The power inputs may be polarized 24 Vdc to oper­ate audible and visible signal appliances or 25 and 70 VRMS to operate audio evacuation speakers and firefighter’s telephones.



The actual operation of the GSA-CC1 is determined by the “personality code” selected by the installer. It is downloaded to the module from the Signature loop controller during system configuration.

Electronic Addressing

The loop controller electronically ad­dresses each module without having to set complicated switches or dials. Each module has its own unique serial number stored in its on-board memory. The loop controller identifies each device on the loop and assigns a “soft” address to each serial number.

Personality Code 5: SIGNAL POWER or AUDIO EVACU­ATION (SINGLE RISER). Configures the module for use as a Class B Audible/Visible Signal power (24 Vdc polarized) or Audio Evacuation (25 or 70 VRMS) power selector. The ring-tone generator is disabled. The output circuit is monitored for open or shorted wiring. If a short exists, the control panel inhibits the activation of the audible/visible signal circuit to prevent connection to the power circuit.

Personality Code 6: TELEPHONE w/RING-TONE (SINGLE RISER). Configures the module for use as a Telephone power selector. When a telephone handset is plugged into its jack or lifted from its hook, the module generates its own Ring-Tone signal. A separate ring-tone circuit is not needed. The module sends this signal to the control panel to indicate that an off-hook condition is present. When the system operator responds to the call, the ring-tone signal is disabled.


The GSA-CC1 Single Input (Riser) Module is compatible only with Kidde’s Signature Loop Controller.

Testing & Maintenance

GSA-CC1’s automatic self-diagnosis identifies when it is defec­tive and causes a trouble message. The user-friendly maintenance program shows the current state of each module and other perti­nent messages. Single modules may be turned off (de-activated) temporarily, from the control panel.

Typical Wiring

Modules will accept #18 AWG (0.75mm2), #16 (1.0mm2), #14 AWG (1.50mm2) and #12 (2.5mm2) wire sizes.

Note: Sizes #16 AWG (1.0mm2) and #18 AWG (0.75mm2) are preferred for ease of installation. See Signature Loop Controller catalog sheet for detailed wiring requirement specifications.

Self-diagnostics and History Log – Each GSA-CC1 device constantly runs self-checks to provide important mainte­nance information. The results of the self-check are automatically updated and permanently stored in its non-

Automatic Device Mapping –The Signature Data Control­ler (SDC) learns where each device’s serial number address is installed relative to other devices on the circuit. The SDC keeps a map of all Signature Series devices connected to it. The Signature Series Data Entry Program also uses the mapping feature. With interactive menus and graphic support, the wired circuits between each device can be examined. Layout or “as-built” drawing information showing branch wiring (T-taps), device types and their address are stored on disk for printing hard copy. The preparation of as-built drawings is fast and efficient.

Device mapping allows the Signature Data Controller to discover:

  • Unexpected additional device addresses
  • Missing device addresses
  • Changes to the wiring in the circuit.

Technical Specifications

Description Single Input (Riser) Signal Module
Type Code 50 (factory set) Two sub-types (personality codes) are available
Address Requirements Uses one module address
Wiring Terminations Suitable for #12 to #18 AWG (2.5 mm² to 0.75mm²)
Mounting North American 2½ inch (64 mm) deep two-gang boxes and 1½ inch (38 mm) deep 4 inch square boxes with 2-gang covers and GSA-MP mounting plates
Operating Current Standby = 223µA Activated = 100µA
Operating Voltage 15.2 to 19.95 Vdc (19 Vdc nominal)
Output Rating 24 Vdc = 2 amps 25 V Audio = 50 watts 70 V Audio = 35 watts
Construction High Impact Engineering Polymer
Storage & Operating Environment Operating Temperature: 32°F to 120°F (0°C to 49°C) Storage Temperature: -4°F to 140°F (-20°C to 60°C) Humidity: 0 to 93% RH
LED Operation On-board Green LED – Flashes when polled On-board Red LED – Flashes when in alarm/active
Compatibility Use with: Signature Loop Controller
Agency Listings UL, ULC, CSFM, MEA, FM