Kano Sofa S117.1

Strap in for a comfortable, extra plush, cushion seat made with half-leather. The Kano Sofa S117.1 is a luxurious treat for your or your guests. We love how its steel legs and contoured back add a handsome touch to its already sophisticated look.

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How you choose to decorate your work space sets the tone for your employees and business partners. Boost your productivity rate as well as showcase your company’s values and branding with sophisticated office furniture from Kano. From workstations to shelves and tables, Kano offers space-saving and multi-functional furniture that is flexible to adapt to your every workplace needs.

  • Enhance creative thinking and team collaboration
  • Sleek and trendy design
  • Built with robust materials



  • Made with half leather
  • Steel legs
  • Colors: grey, yellow

Additional information

Weight 28 kg
Dimensions 970 × 880 × 770 cm