JBL VTX B28 Arrayable Dual-18-inch Subwoofer

The VTX B28 is JBL Professional’s next-generation dual 18-inch subwoofer, designed to complement the company’s flagship VTX full-range sound reinforcement systems. The B28 features JBL Differential Drive transducers, an innovative port design, and JBL’s VTX A-Series industrial design. It can be flown or ground-stacked, installed omnidirectionally, or via cardioid array. Simple and fast rigging, as well as its many accessories and software support make the B28 ideal for rental, AV, touring, and high-end fixed installations. 


  • 141dB (Preset: VTX B28 80)
  • 25 Hz – 80 Hz (Preset: VTX B28 80)
  • Omnidirectional or Cardioid
  • Crown Audio I-Tech HD
  • Finnish birch plywood, Black DuraFlex finish, four integral recessed handles
  • 508 mm x 1324 mm x 750 mm (20 in x 52.1 in x 29.5 in)

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The JBL Professional B28 shares the industrial design of the VTX A-Series products and features an innovative and simple-to-use two-point rigging system. The all-captive rigging system utilizes a spring-loaded mechanism to deploy the link bars and a unique locking system that complies with all safety requirements without using traditional quick-release pins. B28 subwoofers can be deployed in omnidirectional or cardioid arrays, ground stacked, or suspended configurations of up to 16 enclosures.

Key Features & Benefits:

  • Delivers transparent, linear bass to 25 Hz
  • JBL Differential Drive woofers
  • Excellent extension and reduced turbulence
  • Simple 2-point spring-loaded rigging system
  • Support for omnidirectional or cardioid modes
  • Acoustically compatible with VTX full-range products
  • Flexible accessory options

Rigging System

With its two-point rigging system, the B28 can not only suspend arrays of up to 16 enclosures but can also hide them behind wooden side panels. You can quickly and securely stack these cabinets by deploying link bars with a spring-loaded mechanism without any loose parts getting in the way or making noise.

Controllable Coverage

The B28 provides connections on both the front and back panels, making it easy to connect either omnidirectional or cardioid arrays while maintaining tidiness.

System Solution

The VTX Series is a family of hardware and software products and accessories that work together to make the complete event workflow possible, from system design to transporting everything home. This series provides tools to support various tasks throughout the process.

Outstanding Performance

Its 18-inch 2288H-M woofers deliver clear, linear bass down to 25 Hz. The system uses JBL’s fourth-generation Differential Drive technology to provide maximum sensitivity and power handling while being compact and lightweight. The B28 is ideal for applications that require accurate low-frequency coverage.

Line Array Calculator 3™️ (LAC)

LAC is simulation software that allows users to design and predict VTX Series systems. LAC can accurately predict the acoustic performance of line array systems, flown, and ground-stacked subwoofer arrays. In addition, LAC also performs mechanical validation of rigging hardware, calculates weight limits, and generates safety warnings.

Array Link™️

Array Link™️ is a mobile app that works with LAC software to help deploy VTX Series systems. Array Link™️ uses QR codes to transfer mechanical array information from the main LAC application to a mobile phone. An easy-to-understand layout summarizes all applicable rigging and mechanical options. The app is compatible with both iOS® and Android™️.

Additional information

Weight 87 kg
Dimensions 51 × 132 × 75 cm

Technical Specifications

Frequency Range (-10dB) 25 Hz – 80 Hz (Preset: VTX B28 80)
Coverage Pattern Omnidirectional or Cardioid
Maximum Peak Output 141dB (Preset: VTX B28 80)
System Amplification Crown Audio I-Tech HD
System Impedance 4 ohms
LF Driver (2) JBL 2288H-M 18-inch woofers
Enclosure Finnish birch plywood, Black DuraFlex finish, four integral recessed handles
Suspension / Mounting Captive suspension plates, captive pins, spring-loaded mechanism, 2-step safety lock
Dimensions (H x W x D) 508 mm x 1324 mm x 750 mm
20 in x 52.1 in x 29.5 in
Net Weight 87 kg (191.8 lbs)